International Society of Tea Science (ISTS) is a premier organization, which promotes informatics in promoting Tea Science, Tea Technology and Tea Industry. It has built a number of information linkages with various International Tea Research Institutes having their base in major tea producing countries viz. India, China, Japan, Malawi, Indonesia, Russia & C.

For promoting information on various aspects of Tea Science, their objectives also include collect, collate and store scientific and technical information on Global Advances in tea science and disseminate the same by traditional and electronic means.

The International Society of Tea science was registered in 2000. The Society (ISTS) approached the Indian National Scientific Documentation Center (INSDOC) of the CSIR in October 1998 for collaboration. The INSDOC agreed to make available their expertise in transfer of information and utilization of electronic information systems, as well as make available their readership network, for this joint ISTS-INSDOC project. This arrangement continued through 2001-2002 for publication of 3 world quality issues of Volume 1 of the International Journal of Tea Science. The reorganization of INSDOC and the refocusing of the institution mandate of the successor institute NISCAIR in late 2002 forced the ISTS to plough a lone furrow since January 2002.

Until the mid 2006, eight more issues of the International Journal of Tea Science (IJTS) have been published. These include special issues on Health, Pesticide Residues, Biocides, Conference Proceedings, OCHA 2004 Abstracts, and Tea Breeding & Germplasm Evaluation. The IJTS is now in the 5th year of it successful publication and looks forward to many more years of service to the tea community as provider of research information.

Apart from publication of International Journal of Tea Science including Tea Science Abstracts (IJTS), ISTS also aims at publishing books, reports, bulletins and directories that are relevant to Tea Science and World Tea Industry. At present the ISTS is publishing a series of books on Global Advances in Tea Science. Book 1 was a 1000 page, 64-chapter compendium. Book 2 “Protective effects of Tea on Human Health” has just been published by (CABI) Commonwealth Bureau of Agriculture, London. Book 3 is proposed on “Economic Crisis in Tea Industry: Strategies for Scientific Management”

ISTS also organizes International Conferences on Global Advances in Tea Science. The 1st Conference was organized at Beijing, the 2nd at Delhi and 3rd at Kolkata. The 4th conference is proposed for March 2007 at Kolkata on Tea and Health.

For information on various aspects of informatics, please refer to the relevant section described in this website


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